Whisper Display Cases

As the popularity of our Whisper Collection grows our customers have frequently
asked if there is a convenient way to display them. We are now offering this elegant
tabletop display case with a removable top in four convenient sizes. This removable
top enables you to change out or share Whispers with friends or for your seasonal display.
We offer an optional mounting bracket for the 15 or 20 count to be hung on your wall for
an additional $5.50.

The Whisper Display cases are all made from Oak and have
three coats of lacquer for a smooth finish.

The Whisper Display Cases are available in
WDC – 5W White Lacquer Finish (holds 5 Whispers)
WDC – 10N Natural Lacquer Finish (holds 10 Whispers)
WDC – 15B Black Lacquer Finish (holds 15 Whispers)
WDC – 20R Red Lacquer Finish (holds 20 Whispers)

They are $24.95 regardless of the size.

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